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4 Music Business Youtubers You Should Be Following

Youtube has come a long way since the beginning when cat videos were the main thing dominating people’s attention spans. While there’s still tons of silly stuff on the platform to waste your time on, there are also thousands of content creators valuable insights into every conceivable topic.   

Of course here at WARM, we’re mostly interested in helping you with music business-related stuff so we’ve compiled a list of four Youtube-creators who offer valuable advice and information to independent musicians. This includes everything from marketing and monetizing your music to record contracts and royalties.

While most of these guys work in hip-hop and urban music, that doesn’t mean that other musicians can’t benefit from their insights. Enjoy!


Brandman Sean Taylor

As the name implies, Sean Taylor is a music branding and marketing expert who, according to his website, isworking to build a platform that closes the knowledge gap for aspiring artists’. On his Youtube-channel, Sean shares information about branding, growing your career and building a fan base and what’s really cool is that he often uses real-life case studies to illustrate his points.

Sean’s Youtube


Pay Us No Mind

Gif the Griot is a rapper and spoken word artist who also happens to be a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to the business side of music. Gif offers great career advice on everything from marketing to monetization and his detailed insights on the ins and outs of various streaming services and distributors is especially useful for the independents wanting to explore this complicated field.

Pay Us No Mind’s Youtube


Phase VI

Sirr Love has a background in music management and record label work and he’s worked with major artists like Trey Songz, T-Pain, and Usher. On his Youtube-channel, Phase VI, he focuses on the many sides of the music business and offers insight into topics like record contracts, different types of royalties, copyrights, audience building and how to put together a good team.

Phase VI’s Youtube


Prestley Snipes

Ousala Aleem aka Prestley Snipes is a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum songwriter as well as a publisher, filmmaker, and producer. He’s also an artist manager and was responsible for introducing the Atlanta-rapper ILoveMakonnen to the wider public. On his Youtube-channel, you can find information about the life of an artist manager, interviews with industry professionals and advice on the different ways of monetizing your music.

Prestley Snipes’ Youtube