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5 Music Business Podcasts Musicians Should Know About

These days, the music industry is in a state of constant change.

Rapid changes in technology and new online music services means that the ways musicians market their music, create revenue streams and connect with fans is constantly being redefined. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to keep up with the latest trends and developments to optimize your career and keep an edge on the competition.

Fortunately, we also live in the golden age of the podcast. And, if you know where to look, podcasts offer a wealth of free music business knowledge waiting to be tapped and lead you on your path to greatness.

In this article, WARM guides you to five of the best music industry podcasts out there right now.


Music Biz Weekly Podcast

Michael Brandvold has done online marketing for artists like KISS, Britney Spears, and Dream Theatre and is widely regarded as a leading music marketing guru. Once a week, he hosts the popular Music Biz Weekly podcast with co-host Jay Gilbert where they dive into various music marketing-related topics.

Covering everything from the latest developments in tech to interviews with respected music industry figures, the long-running podcast offers information for everyone interested in the music industry.

Inner Circle Podcast

Over the years, Bobby Owsinski has worked as a musician, songwriter, audio engineer and much more. Among his many endeavors, he writes the popular music3point0 blog which offers news and commentary on the music industry. In connection to this, he also hosts the Inner Circle-podcast where he interviews prominent guests and covers music industry-related topics, audio engineering and more.


Previously known as the CMU podcast, Setlist is hosted by British music journalists Chris Cooke and Andy Malt who also run the website Once a week, Setlist brings you in-depth analysis and commentary on the latest music industry news in their trademark lighthearted and humorous style. Essential listening for anyone wanting to keep track with the latest trends and developments in the music business.

The Music Marketing Podcast

Bob Baker is a longtime musician, author, and journalist who has published several books about music marketing including the classic ‘Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook’. He has also created a music marketing program for Berkeley University and has been featured as a commentator in many respected media outlets. His long-running The Music Marketing Podcast is well worth checking out. In it, Bob dives into every conceivable topic related to music marketing and offers a wealth of career advice for musicians.

Music Business Facts

The Music Business Facts podcast is hosted by Rodney Holder – a former musician of the Australian metal band Alchemist who has also worked in management and festival promotion. Covering everything from ticketing and PR to publishing and sponsorship, Holder and his guests cover lots of ground in the 100 + episodes of the podcast.