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RADIATOR: WARM Newsletter August

Read the first edition of RADIATOR – the newsletter that will WARM up your day! Snippets of what’s going on in the music industry, product updates, and much more!


Email promotion with Promoly!

Do you ever promote music over email and wonder if anyone actually plays the music you send them? Promoly is an email promotion platform that provides clarity about your promotional efforts.​​

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We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a Global Sales Director to join our team at WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor). New job opportunity in music/tech.

WARM World Airplay Radio Monitor introduces new pricing plans. Image displays a view of the plans on desktop and iphone.

New pricing plans!

Today we are releasing new pricing plans that include bundles for EPs and albums. It’s now way cheaper and easier to subscribe for more songs!​

How to get airplay in France

Our fourth WARM talk will feature Dorian Perron and Jesper Skibsby. They are will discuss how to break into the French music industry and how to achieve more airplay on radio stations.

How to get airplay in Germany

Join us for another exciting event and get to know more about Germany’s music industry and how to become a part of it!

How to do DIY promotion

Our first WARM talk featured Rachel Strassberger and Jesper Skibsby. They discussed how to do DIY promotion. Get the tips and tricks here.