Radio Station Spotlight: KUXP 98.9 (Austin, Texas)

Is this segment, we spotlight some of the many interesting radio stations that are currently broadcasting around the world. We want to put a face on some of the many stations that WARM monitors and show just how much quality and variety still exists out there when it comes to radio programming. We will especially be looking at stations who …

Imogen Heap WARM

Interview with Imogen Heap

We met up with artist Imogen Heap before her show at Bremen Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark. Imogen Heap is a singer, composer, record producer, and audio engineer and has worked with and co-composed songs for Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Jeff Beck, deadmau5, etc.  The Grammy Award-winning songwriter is known for her ability to mix technology and music. Heap released her single “Tiny …


Interview: What’s the secret behind the success of K-pop boyband BTS?

The South Korean boyband BTS has really taken the world by storm and is having huge international success right now. This includes getting tens of thousands of radio spins across the world each month. A big part of the reason for their success is their incredible fan base which BTS call their ‘Army’. The Army is extremely supportive of the band and …


Radio Station Spotlight: KEXP

‘We serve artists and feel a deep responsibility particularly to emerging artists. We see our role as connector and convener for artists – we bring artists together with music lovers to seed lasting artistic relationships.’

cardib WARM

Radio Airplay Evolution

The lifetime and evolution of a track seem to take many different forms and shapes. Every track and every radio single has its own life after its release. These days the competition is higher than ever and it is really hard to predict how music will be received by the audience and the media. We compared the first 30 weeks of airplay …

Stacey Mitsopulos colour WARM

Interview: Stacey Mitsopulos

The Director of Legal & Business Affairs and Music Partnerships at 7digital explains how they provide digital music solutions for clients like TDC, Pioneer and


No one told us we had a radio hit in Poland!

When it comes to radio, the music industry is still primarily based on reporting. This means that mistakes and inaccuracies happen all the time. My vision is to have a transparent music industry where music usage is based on monitoring, instead of reporting, so that in the future every artist will get compensated accurately and fairly.

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How to use DATA to improve your music career

Here are short 11 tips for improving your music career by using available data from streaming services, radio tracking services, and social media. You can make a living off your music if you learn to look in the right direction and follow certain opportunities. 

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WARM podcast #3: Matthias Strobel

The founder of the pioneering organization MusicTech Germany, discusses the challenges between the traditional music industry and the emerging music tech industry.

Paul Pacifico Profile Pic WARM

Interview: Paul Pacifico

The CEO of AIM which represents 800+ independent UK music companies talks about how the availability of radio and streaming data has become a game changer for independent musicians in just a few short years.


WARM podcast #2: Peter Harris

We had a chat with the founder of Resonate music streaming service. A new Berlin-based streaming service that aims to be fairer in terms of distributing royalties to artists. Listen up!