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CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Collect your data!

Att: Any recording or releasing artist, band, manager, label, publisher, booking agent or PR agency. 

Should artists/creators be more pro-active in terms of collecting and owning their data?

If you are working professionally with music and want to find your markets, understanding your radio airplay in real time is without a doubt one of the true missing elements in music industry-data. Nowadays, everything is globalized. A radio DJ in Venezuela could find a song anywhere online and play it for thousands of listeners and an Icelandic indie band could easily get played on Canadian college radio.

This kind of information is CRUCIAL to anyone trying to make it in the music industry.  

Even if you don’t have any airplay, at least you will know. So, if e.g. you have spent money on marketing or hired a PR company, at least you will know for sure that your money has been wasted. 

On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to have airplay, you would be able to know whenever in the world, in real-time, it is happening. That means you can optimize everything. You can target your social media, you can hire a PR company in an emerging market and your booking agent would also find this information useful. 

Your manager could also use this information and is probably one of the most important ones to receive it because, in the end, he or she will make the decisions on behalf of the artist or the band. The manager can distribute this information to the publisher, the PRO(performance rights organization), the booking agent etc. Obviously, none of this helps if you aren’t executing on using tools to gather information about your career.

In the end, it’s all about knowing your value as an artist. All the data of streams, radio airplay, downloads, SoMe connection which is related to your music can have great value when negotiating label and publishing deals, etc.

Obviously, it’s all about creating great music, but if you are not spending any time on collecting and owning information or data about your music, which you have spent both time and money on, I would strongly recommend you to begin.


Best regards

Jesper Skibsby, CEO

WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor)