• How much historical data is available?

    On 1, 3 and 6 month subscriptions you can look back 30 days of historical data. On a 12 month subscription 90 days of data will be available.

  • How fast does an airplay show up in WARM?

    Usually within 15-60 seconds.

  • Why are my reports not appearing?

    The reports can only appear in Chrome and Firefox if you allow popups. If you’re using Safari browser make sure to have the latest MAC OS update.

  • Does adblocks interrupt WARM from working?

    Yes, adblocks cannot be active while using WARM as they interrupt key functionalities.

  • When I have uploaded a song, how long before I will start getting results?

    Within 4-12 hrs – the system will start delivering data in real time. The song will be manually verified when uploaded.

  • What if i know my song is played on a station that is not in the WARM system?

    When you are logged in, you can submit a station to us, to be added in the coverage.

  • Can I request monitoring of new radio stations?

    Yes. Send station name, city/country and direct online stream link to radiostations@warm.ninja. But unfortunately there can be some delay because it’s a manual and time-consuming process. The process may vary depending on the type of station and it’s locations, and we can’t guarantee any precise processing time.

  • What types of radio formats are WARM covering?

    We are monitoring FM, DAB and Online radios.

  • What do I do when my trial is over and I want to continue with my subscription?

    Go to the search function under “your songs”. Find the same track as the one that you were monitoring during your free trial. When the song is located you choose it. Now the system will ask you to type in your billing information. The monitoring of the song should start instantly and all the data you will see is delivered in real-time.

  • For how long time do I have access to reportings?

    As long as the subscription is active, monthly reportings are available.

  • What songs can be monitored?

    All songs can be uploaded in WARM, as long as it is an MP3 file (Actually a lot of radio stations plays unreleased songs, bootlegs and edits).

  • How do I reset my password?

    First, request a new password. Remember to check your spam if you have requested a new password. However, the reset of new password function only works if you have signed up through WARM. Users that have signed up through Facebook or Google will have to go to Facebook or Google to reset their password.

  • How do I see the plays in reports?

    When you go to reports, you can choose “artist. Then, under songs, you can choose “all” if you are monitoring more songs of the same artist. With these choices, you will see the total plays for that artist. If you choose a specific song you will now see the plays for only this song.

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