Photo: Alex Baxley

SASAMI Is Riding A Wave Of University Radio Airplay

The upcoming American singer SASAMI is getting lots of love from student radio and apparently is connecting very well with the younger demographic. We look at the airplay evolution of her latest track ‘Jealousy’ which is also the first single from her upcoming debut album.

The American singer/songwriter/musician Sasami Ashworth aka SASAMI is riding a wave of hype at moment. The Los Angeles-based artist has been called ‘rock’s next big thing’ by the magazine The Fader and her debut track was awarded ‘Best New Track’ by Pitchfork. The multi-instrumentalist left the indie rock band Cherry Glazerr in 2018 to pursue a solo career and so far she’s off to a flying start.

SASAMI released two singles in 2018. Her debut track Callousdropped in April followed byNot The Timein October. Both singles have done quite well on radio, especially on college and university stations in the US and Mexico as well as several European markets. In fact, she’s a great example of how a solid base in student radio can be used to reach a young demographic across borders.

SASAMI’s debut album is dropping in March and lead single ‘Jealousy’ was released on January 9 with an accompanying music video. It’s off to a strong start on radio and in just over three weeks has gotten airplay in 20 different countries.

The moody indie rock track started its radio journey on a number of US stations where it was picked up shortly after its release. It quickly spread to university stations in Mexico and southern European markets like Italy and Portugal. Australian stations like the youth-oriented FBi.94 FM in Sydney and the influential community station Triple R Melbourne were also early on board and so far no less than six stations in three different Australian cities have been spinning it. In the final week of January, the student radio station 95b FM in Auckland, New Zealand has also gotten in on the action.

Interestingly, one of the markets where ‘Jealousy’ is performing best is Eastern Europe. It has lots if spins on Polish University stations like UWM 95.5. in Olsztyn and Radio Zak in Lodz and from here it has spread to Polish national radio in Warsaw. It has also been in rotation on national radio in Latvia and Lithuania.

Closer to home, very influential and respected US stations like KEXP in Seattle and dublab in Los Angeles have had it in rotation, but most of the support has come from college and university stations in places like Pittsburgh, Maine, North Carolina, and Orange County. Lately, ‘Jealousy’ is also starting to crack the Canadian market. Another place that might slowly be opening up is South America. In the final week of January, SASAMI has gotten spins on national radio in Argentina.

SASAMI will be touring in Europe and the US in February and the spring which certainly makes a lot of sense considering where so many of her listeners seem to be located. We look forward to tracking her continued evolution on the airwaves.

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