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How to get your music on the radio, when you can’t afford a pro radio plugger!

To get your music on the radio does not have to be impossible. We would love to help you make this magic happen! Here’s a few options on how to make this easier.


1 ) Use WARM(World Airplay Radio Monitor) to monitor a popular song similar to the song you are about to release, this way you can download a full list of “potential” radio stations that match your song profile. 

2) Go for smaller radio stations! Yes its great to have airplay on BBC1 and Iheart, but this is also where the Majors dominate, and they are hard to compete against. I can recommend f.x. College radios both in US and Canada – their demographics are very specific and many of these stations are trendsetting.

3) If you make niche music, try to investigate where this type of music is popular. In eastern Europe, Rock, Hard Rock/Metal, DnB and Dubstep is actually much more commercial.

4) Work smarter not harder! Try and find your emerging market/fanbase (wherever it is) and even micro markets. If you get a foot in the door somewhere you have something to build on.

5) Remember music is global, and if you’re an Icelandic indie band and you can get airplay on a radio station in Italy and Latvia – you should try an push here, even if you dream of breaking through in Germany or UK.

We wish you massive airplay!

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