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WARM featured in Forbes

The current way of distributing radio royalties are broken. Forbes has written an article about how we are disrupting it.

About a month ago Jesper (Founder of WARM) was attending a cocktail party in Madrid where he met the inspiring Forbes writer, Monty Munford.

“I met an awesome guy called Monty. He was a journalist and we ended up having a loooong talk about WARM and what we were trying to do in the music business. He promised me he was going to write an article about it all. Today it came out via Forbes. Salute!” – Jesper Skibsby

Jesper and Monty ended up having a good talk about WARM and what we are trying to do in the music business.

You can ready the article here on Forbes.com

Here are some highligts of the article.

If there are 51,000 stations in the world and only 10% are used to measure success and playing time, then this needs to be improved. Musicians and songwriters have been hugely affected by changes in technology over the past two decades and we want our technology to acknowledge the importance of their work and creativity,” – Jesper Skibsby, WARM CEO.

Such recognition is crucial for any industry that by definition is always outside the mainstream. The long tail for artists that Warm is trying to fix is welcome. Video certainly didn’t kill off the radio star, but hopefully the radio star can embrace a new model for everybody in the latest version of the music business.