WARM Starts Collaboration With Resonate

Resonate is an exciting new streaming service that is trying to create a more fair and transparent music environment, especially for independent musicians. Their mission is to remake streaming and they’ve recently secured an impressive 1 million US dollars in funding for their project. Seeing as they are on a mission very similar to WARM, we thought it would make perfect sense to team up.

Empowering artists with data

Most artists, whether signed to a label or not, tend to think industry organizations have tons of data about how their music is being used and consumed around the world.

Unfortunately, this isn’t yet the case. Even though the majority of music consumption today has shifted to streaming, fans still discover new artists through other avenues. This creates a bit of a problem when it comes to older, more traditional channels such as radio, as there is a profound lack of useful data available to most artists.

The general understanding is that labels and collections societies are able to almost magically, instantly collect information on the usage of their catalogs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As WARM CEO Jesper Skibsby states: “Rather than functioning globally, and allowing artists to oversee when and where plays happen, monitoring often happens locally instead — through reports, sample tests and market share estimation. This is far from efficient, as the money that comes from the majority of radio plays (as well as from restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, etc.) isn’t distributed to the correct rights-holders.

“The industry claims that this is too expensive to monitor, but I disagree. I believe that collection societies will eventually have to accommodate the long tail of the industry and make everything transparent, as well as shorten the time before payments — but first, we need to realize and understand what data is being used, when, where, and how, and that this can be very different from country to country.”


Resonate is the ethical music streaming co-op on a mission to rewire the music industry. They’re best known for their #stream2own player, which implements an entirely new model of listening to music – one that pays artists per play, and lets listeners own music again. The organization believes that the music industry’s issues extend far beyond the world of streaming, and are developing a more comprehensive and fair ecosystem.


WARM is the first large-scale radio airplay monitor, built solely for the purpose of providing independent artists, bands and music professionals with transparency when it comes to radio plays. The service uses audio fingerprint technology to match audio on radio with mp3 files, and their database is already home to 27 million songs and 25.000 radio stations in 130 countries. By using WARM, anyone can monitor any song in real-time on radio stations worldwide.


Both WARM and Resonate work to facilitate transparency and empower artists, so we are delighted to be working together.

The vision behind this collaboration is to provide creators with access to data sets, and help them learn how to utilize this information. This will lead to fair and efficient payments, showing artists the value of real-time data.

One method through which we can achieve this is through identifying hotspots of activity. By combining streaming data with radio data, we can find areas of overlapping interest, providing artists with a clear image of where their fans and emerging markets are.

Offering musicians useful, real-time insights into their reach is another strategy we can pursue, through providing instant notifications for new radio plays in the Resonate dashboard.

As the collaboration expands, we’ll be able to help artists identify potential touring and promotion opportunities through genre and style matching, too.

Thanks for following the Resonate journey thus far!