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What a week – Forbes articles and 1st price in Slush Music 20 Pitching competition

What a week!

Christmas came early this year!
Last week WARM was on fire 🔥🔥

The week started out with a pretty awesome piece in Forbes on how the radio royalty system (doesn’t) work today and WARM’s take on it. The article is written by the mighty fine Monty Munford – thanks Monty!

Read the Forbes article here.

Later same week, we won the first price in the Slush Music 20 Pitching competition – yay! Furthermore, WARM participated in two different panel talks. In the first, WARM had invited a dream team on stage to talk about the value of data and how to handle it as a musician today.

slush music 20 pitching competition

In the second panel talk, WARM was invited by no other than the French Music Data Queen herself, Virginie Berger from Armonia Online.