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Real-time radio airplay monitoring, for independent artists, managers, labels, songwriters and producers.

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Create transparency regarding radio airplays

Optimize social media and radio promotion

Improve the control of royalty collection

Enable geographically targeted tour booking.

Target fans and followers in countries and cities

Control your radio plugging

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We are monitoring 21.000 radio stations in more the 100 countries. This gives you the biggest coverage of radio stations in the world. Download our app and see your real-time radio airplays on the go.


WARM is the first large-scale airplay monitor, built solely for the purpose of giving transparency for individual musicians.

By using WARM, independent musicians, songwriters and producers can monitor any song that is played in real-time on radio stations worldwide.

By using audio fingerprint technology, we provide a 100% match via the actual mp3 file. Our database of 27 million songs, allows you to navigate and find the exact song you want to monitor. You can also upload your own song.

Pricing: 5€ pr. month or 36€ pr. year (Ex. VAT)


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    What types of radio formats are WARM covering?

    We are monitoring FM, DAB and Online radios.

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    How much historical data is available?

    You can look back 30 days of historical data.

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    How fast does an airplay show up in WARM?

    Usually within 15-60 seconds.

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    Can I get more data?

    We are currently developing new updates, which will also include more historical data.

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    For how long time do I have access to reportings?

    As long as the subscription is active, reportings are available.

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    What songs can be monitored?

    All songs can be uploaded in WARM, as long as it is an MP3 file (Actually a lot of radio stations plays unreleased songs, bootlegs and edits).

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    What if i know my song is played on a station that is not in the WARM system?

    When you are logged in, you can submit a station to us, to be added in the coverage.

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    When I have uploaded a song, how long before I will start getting results?

    Within 4-12 hrs – the system will start delivering data in real time.The song will be manually verified when uploaded.