Interview: Bobby Borg (DIY music marketing expert)

Bobby Borg is a former major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience working alongside the most respected musicians, songwriters, managers, producers, and A&R executives in the music industry.

Holiday Reading: 5 Essential Books About The Music Industry

Holidays are a great time to catch up on your reading and with Easter right around the corner, why not do just that? Reading the right books are also a great way to get smarter about the music business and inspire your next career move. In this article, we recommend five books about the music business that will help you take your …


What’s up SXSW 2018?

by CEO Jesper Skibsby This year was my first SXSW, and what an experience. Lots and lots of interesting panels, workshops, and debates regarding all aspects of the music industry. Networking opportunities at SXSW were endless, and from my point of view extremely valuable. The center of Austin is sizzling of great networking events, especially the A2IM breakfast(American Association of Independent Music) …

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Survey: Radio Still Dominates The Audio Landscape

Here at WARM, people often ask us if radio is still important. Many are under the impression that the death of traditional broadcast radio is right around the corner and don’t quite understand why a radio monitoring service like WARM is such an important tool for musicians. Isn’t the future in streaming? Isn’t radio ancient and irrelevant? Not so fast. While …

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4 Music Business Youtubers You Should Be Following

Youtube has come a long way since the beginning when cat videos were the main thing dominating people’s attention spans. While there’s still tons of silly stuff on the platform to waste your time on, there are also thousands of content creators valuable insights into every conceivable topic.    Of course here at WARM, we’re mostly interested in helping you with …


WARM Will Be Appearing At The Great Escape

This May, WARM will be appearing at the festival/music industry conference The Great Escape in Brighton, England. The Great Escape is one of the most important conferences for the discovery of new musical talent as well as for showcases and discussions about cutting-edge industry-related issues. WARM will be featured at TGE’s The AI Conference along with four other music tech-companies on 17 …

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7 Music Biz Events Independent Artists Should Know About

Music business conferences are a great place to further your career as a music industry professional. Whether you’re a musician looking to get your music heard or a manager or label-person looking to network with like-minded colleagues, events are some of the best places to connect with music business people from around the globe. Fortunately, more and more of these …

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Buzzfeed Recommends WARM as Top Music Technology To Watch

The mighty Buzzfeed were so kind as to include WARM in their list of ‘Top Music Technology To Watch In 2018’. Obviously, we’re thrilled to be included in this awesome list which also includes innovative startups like ForTunes, TagMix and Verve. Check out the full list here

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5 Music Business Podcasts Musicians Should Know About

These days, the music industry is in a state of constant change. Rapid changes in technology and new online music services means that the ways musicians market their music, create revenue streams and connect with fans is constantly being redefined. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to keep up with the latest trends and developments to optimize your …