WARM Story x Berklee College of Music

For this new ‘WARM Story’ edition, we got to sit down with Alexandre Perrin, professor in music business at Berklee College of Music. He shared with us an overview of his journey in the music industry, what his current work entails, how to make the most of Radio airplay data and what to expect in the future.

Rock Music on the Radio

“Rock is dead” is a well-known saying, but is it really dead? Join us as we take a deep dive into the Radio airplay of iconic Rock bands Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and Royal Blood!

jetstream WARM

JetStream Distro

Are you about to release new music? There are several ways to get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other online streaming platforms.

Sharing is caring: more credits, more music!

Data is key in today’s music industry, so why not join forces to make the most of it? At WARM, we are well aware of the difficulties of making a career in this industry, so in the pursuit of democratizing it, we have set up a ‘referral system’ that will help you track more music while giving others the opportunity to do so too. It’s a win-win for all!


Data usage: Future trends in the music industry

Data usage in the music industry, what does this mean? Two weeks ago took place the first edition of Measure of Music, a virtual three-day weekend program to give music industry stakeholders a crash course in music & data. Let’s dive into this trending and promising topic and make the most of it to improve our music careers!

Olivia Rodrigo x WARM

TikTok drives Olivia Rodrigo up into the Radio Charts

Indubitably TikTok has become the go-to platform for launching singles to the stratosphere. Now, what’s the story behind Olivia Rodrigo’s hit “drivers license”? Is TikTok alone extending the lifetime value of the song or does radio has anything to do with it?

vidsbeats WARM

Use VidsBeats To Create Free Music Video Online.

In these unprecedented times for the music industry too, WARM and VidsBeats.com joined forces to support artists and bands from all over the world by offering them the opportunity to create their music videos for free!

Radio Analysis of Dua Lipa's New Album Future Nostalgia by WARM

Future Nostalgia: a successful release by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s second album officially propelled her to the status of international pop-star. With stellar reviews, two Grammy-nominations, and a cumulated 3 billion streams on DSPs, ‘Future Nostalgia’ is with no doubt a global success! Let’s take a deep dive into what happened for her album on Radio during 2020…

WARM Story 2020

Discover a WARM Story

Have you heard about our WARM stories yet? Earlier this year we introduced a very special space for us, we called it WARM Story. A section especially created to recognize our customers’ work as well as to share their experience and journey within the music industry.

blog banner Matt allen WARM

The Famous Company featuring WARM

We had a chat with Matt Allen of The Famous Company. Read this article to learn some do’s and don’t when you are about to launch your music career.

WARM Report - Women Representation on radio - header

Women representation on radio

At WARM we are very thrilled to present to you our very first music report focused on radio. By making relevant data available, we aim for a democratized music industry where opportunities are not restricted but open to everyone. Throughout this report we dig into the share women own on radio among representative countries in Europe.