Our mission

To Provide Accessibility and Unlock the Value of Radio

for Every Music Entrepreneur

What we do

WARM is an acronym for World Airplay Radio Monitor. As this might give away, WARM monitors radio stations worldwide. More specifically, it is a powerful software that tracks radio plays of any song in real-time, using audio Fingerprint Technology and Music Recognition.
And so what? you might ask.

This means that you can access the data on where and when a specific song has been played on the radio. In fact, right now we are monitoring more than 28,000 radio stations across the world. And we are constantly expanding our coverage.

How WARM was born

Back in 2012 Jesper Skibsby spoke to a friend about how difficult it was to be informed about when and where a radio station was playing their music. This conversation kickstarted a musical data adventure.

Jesper started researching, asked for data and cooperation but couldn’t seem to find the information or the solution he was looking for. Therefore, he decided to start a company of his own. And so, WARM was born.

How it works

The technology behind WARM is based on audio fingerprints. Every song gets its own unique fingerprint which we match with the music playing on radio stations around the world, in real-time. The algorithm behind this is powered by MusicDNA.

We at WARM experience there is a current disconnect between multiple branches within the music industry due to lack of data transparency. Our web application is our contribution to end the disconnect, provide rich insights on radio airplays, and bring innovation to the music industry.

Do you know if your music is being played right now? WARM knows.


Jesper Skibsby
Founder & CEO
Sára Vlčková
Graphic Designer
Mariia Polova
Uffe Dalskov
Communications Manager
Artiom Tofan
Full stack developer
Henrik Lauridsen
Alexandr Ordynski
Juan Ortiz de Z.
Business Development Manager for LatAm
Sebastian Touyeras
Marketing Manager
Iris Santillan
Brand Manager
Claudia G Olano
Business Operations Manager
Vitek Linhart

All inquires to support@warm.ninja


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